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M.A.L.M siempre!

- Muerte A La Muerte demo .- See I have a problem with Spanish hardcore. On the one hand you got the shitty bands. Shitty, shitty, shitty bands that make a shitty mess with pieces of shit they've tried to pick up from their favorite bands and got lost in translation. On the other hand, you got a raging epidemic of Napoleon complex that usually makes me want to stay away (proximity, you see). That's why MALM rule: they suck, they know, and they don't care. They'll never pose, they'll never give out tailor-made interviews full of hard talk they'll never back in the real world, they'll never make 8 shirt designs after playing one show to a dozen of their friends, and they'll probably never even learn how to play their instruments. "And I luv it". Yeah, I just quoted Young Jeezy.

This one might be not enough noise and too much hardcore for fans of pure noise punk, but Spain's MUERTE A LA MUERTE create the aura that Mondays are known for at Terminal Escape - raw and ferocious. Bare bones '80s USHC is given the treatment on this tape, a rudimentary attack using simple riffs, a hollow bass, a questionably tuned guitar, cavernous vocals and tinny drums straight out of 1982. It's the same formula that your favorite noise punk bands employ, but MUERTE A LA MUERTE eschew DISCHARGE in favor of NEGATIVE FX and DYS and what appears to be an excessive and irrational affinity for designer sneakers. Also, this demo has four different covers.

This demo came from Spain with a note saying things like "we are just four unbalanced persons" and "we past the thirties but we still believe in hardcore".
Unbalanced is a perfect word for this bizarre sounding mess. The vocals dominate but they're delivered in this really droll manner and overloaded with echo and underneath the band delivers a very tightly delivered but thin sounding approximation of early LA hardcore punk. It's so odd and unsettling for reasons much like those that drew me to listen to this music in the first place. Before I gave a shit about songs, I just liked how entirely remote and fucked up it sounded, and this sounds REAL FUCKED UP. Ask me if it's memorable in a couple weeks, sure! Right now it beats any new band riffing on stolen Infest or Oi or whatever is en vogue...
Now, the B side of the tape features a really disgusting dismemberment of a DYS song, chopped and skrewed. No shit. Spanish hardcore found cough syrup.
Try telling someone that DJ Skrew is alive and well in Spain chopping up old Boston hardcore records... Listen to this and then listen to Cadillacs on 22s. Slllllllllllllllow.
Distort Fanzine.

This Spanish chaos defies description-but i must try nonetheless.
It sounds like D.F.L. record that came out in the earlys ´90s, just bare bones Hardcore punk put through a shitgrinder. The tape comes with four different cover to suit your particular mood(feeling metal today? they´ve got you covered, and they appear to have an unhealthy affinity for expensive retro sneakers, but this does not adversely affect the music-old school Boston/DC meets 1-2-1-2 Hardcore meets sloopy garage punk on speed. Reverbed vocals and fuzzed out everything else-the more i listen, the more i love. (6-song cassette, lyrics included, no contact info)
Maximum Rocknroll N 338 MRR July 2011

This goes out to Muerte a la Muerte, if you're listening... i really liked your letter and demo tape, but have lost your contact. Get in touch Spain is pain.
From the one and only: Meatdog of Reckless Aggression.

M.A.L.M tape is great HARDCORE/Punk, keep it up in Spain!
Ban Reilly of The Boston Strangler=Best Band of Hardcore right now.

To all the people out there THANKS!

M.A.L.M RIP...

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